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Question by SPANKY: HUSBAND ADDICTED TO PORN AND PERSONAL SEX TOYS? My husband and I have been together for 4 years he is 41 and I am 38 and have both been married before. About a year ago I found alot of porn websites on myhome PC and my husband told me that he caught my 15 year old son looking it up and grounded him from the computer. He had told me not to talk to my son about it because he had promised he would not tell me. A little back story I am a bookkeeper and very good with computers and my husband is not. A few days later i went on the pc and checked the history and there was more porn and then i checked the bank account and there were transactions from these sights out of his account. I confronted him about it and was very upset that he had the nerve to blame it on my son. He said yes he had a problem and he would stop and i watched him get rid of evrything. well the last couple of months he has had some issues so he went to get help ...

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Q&A: why do lesbians use dildos ?

Question by angela28: why do lesbians use dildos ? if your a lesbian and like only women why would u want a male part involved n your sex ?? Best answer: Answer by Jill AYou are so bad What do you think? Answer below!

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Does the Male Masturbator Work?It’s a sex toy.?

Question by Louis Sowers: Does the Male Masturbator Work?It’s a sex toy.? it looks like a vagina ,so i was just wondering if you guys know. Best answer: Answer by doug22123It probably works in terms of giving you an orgasm, but then just about anything could if you tried it long enough. Masturbating with toys is not a safe practice. It can lead to a series of sexual dysfunctions related to Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome. You are better off using your hands. Add your own answer in the comments!

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Sex toys for couples?

Question by pipi: Sex toys for couples? Me and my boyfriend have been talking about introducing toys into our sex life. Weve been looking online but arent sure whats the best thing to go for. Were looking for something we could use together or alone. What would you recomend? Were from the UK, so no links to american sites please 🙂 Best answer: Answer by Jean Bno clue my guy has enough staying power that toys are not required. What do you think? Answer below!

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Question by Ladii D: Vibrators? anyone know of a good online store that has good vibrators? what is the difference between a cheap and expensive one? Whats a good one? is there anything i can use in the house for the time being? no toothbrushes… Best answer: Answer by Irish RoseI actually use a regular massager. Just the small ones with 3 legs. It WONDERFUL!!! What do you think? Answer below!

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